Monday, August 17, 2009

Accidental Tourist ?

Mary just informed me that she is going on a trip, and that I should take care of MooMoo (?) . Moo Moo turned out to be an American Girl doll that hasnt gotten much attention until recently.

She gave me a note pad and a pretend pen to write down what to do for her.

I said, where are you going? She said, to China, I have to go get something and bring it back for you. I packed my bags, to go to Beijing.
"How will you get there" I asked. Mary replied, "by airplane and probably a bus." I have to go to the north. ( She said the part about going to the north of China several times). If we weren't so absolutely, totally far away from even the possibility of getting a referral, I would think it was a premonition or something).

Then, she said, "how will I get my bags out the door and to the airport?" (the bags were two pink Barbie clothes wardrobes, much smaller than a real carry on).

I told her I would take them to the door for her, but she couldn't leave them unattended, due to airport security rules. Anyway, then she said, well, its time for me to leave for China, oh, I need to take some hats, you pack your hats too (so I guess I am going along on the trip after all). She gathered up 4 baseball style hats of hers and 3 of mine, and her handbag, which contained many thin square wooden 'tiles' from a matching game. I think that was either money or food.

Mary has been talking about China and going there a bit more recently. I suppose these embellishments and fantasy stories are indicating she is curious about what we have been telling her about our trip to bring her home from there.

The living room floor was in total chaos after the 'packing', much like the scene in 2006, when I was frantically packing to go to China.

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