Saturday, March 08, 2008

She actually agreed to wear the outfit I suggested!

Last week, a few days before a party, I asked Mary which of her dressy dresses she wanted to wear. She picked the green sparkly one, and she actually very agreeably wore it for the party in question.

see photo evidence!

We are still having some sleep issues and scenes from Mary's one girl show entitled "Independence Day'. Fav phrase currently is "I do it", meaning I do it myself. She peeled a clementine herself tonight, folded the napkins, brought 2 diet cokes to the dinner table for her Daddy, and several other little task accomplishments.

She also sings Twinkle Twinkle little star now, as well as parts of 'The sun will come out tomorrow '(from Annie), parts of the ABC song, and parts of Hello, Dolly.

I have been singing her my crazy renditions of show tunes since we were in China.

I didn't /don't know a lot of kiddie tunes, so resorted to Broadway. Sometimes, Mary will let me get a few bars of a song out and then emphatically say "Stop, Stop!"

I guess Uncle Scott will have to sing when next he visits!