Friday, August 13, 2010

The presentation and plating at Shark’s , Ocean City, Maryland

this was our trendy, upscale restaurant choice for this trip. I have to dine at least once in a place with tablecloths or cloth napkins and some design sense.  Shark was it this trip.

P1040748 Burger ‘sliders’ for MaryP1040749  Seaweed salad for me,  yum.

P1040751 Cajun shark appetizer for Bruce, was too spicy for him.

P1040752   Roast Duck entree,also Bruce’s…


P1040755  Gnocci, in a creamy light tomato sauce, with a very thick piece of shark on top. Exquisite flavors.

P1040758detail of the gnocci and shark dish


complementary appetizer , crostini with a pureed spread of some kind.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

I want to be a “pro-nesh-i-ful” horse rider !



Took me a few seconds to realize she meant to say “professional”.



Photos from the week long Petite Equestrian Camp in which Mary participated. She had a wonderful time, wanted to ride horses every day.  $$$

sounds like trouble with a capital t.