Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Twinn doll arrived today, disappointed that it does NOT look like Mary’s twin.


this doll, wearing the pink shirt is the one that arrived today. Does not look like Mary, except maybe for the hair style.P1100151 P1100152 Where are her pretty almond shaped eyes??!  The face shape is ‘ok’, it’s for lack of a better phrase, the absence of her ethnicity that disappoints me!

The photos of Mary below are the ones I sent to   I wanted a doll for her that would represent her heritage, as well as be a fun keepsake.

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This doll, seen below, has more like the Asian features I expected. I saw this one for sale on ebay, prior to ordering directly from

If I wanted a generic dark haired doll, I could have ordered an American girl doll.

 asian my twinn doll

asian my twinn doll 2