Sunday, September 23, 2007

The mischievous "two's" are upon us!

I was upstairs putting in my contact lenses and applying makeup, hurriedly. Mary had been downstairs watching tv. She came upstairs and her sleeves were wet halfway to the elbows. It had been quiet, as Shrek says, "t's quiet, too quiet!"

Though I knew, I said, what did you do? Did you put your hands in the toilet again? She slyly smiled and said a staccato Yes!

So I washed her hands and changed the shirt. When we went downstairs again, I saw the 2 hand towels from the powder room on the floor in the foyer. There were also a few toys and a roll of toilet paper on the floor.

The towels were saturated halfway, and there was a little bit of water around the toilet and on the seat. So I wiped it up, gave my little we do not do that speech, and took the towels to the laundry room.

I flushed the toilet and it was very sluggish. It seemed to get even worse after I tried the plunger.

So, here are the photos of the aftermath of this incident, after Bruce took the toilet out to try to fix it. You can see the item that cause all the trouble, on the brick patio! And also, the guilty party peeking out the door.

Incidentally, she put her hands in the toilet several other times in the recent days since this event. She threw my comb and hairbrush into the mather bathroom toilet. I promptly threw those out !

Sunglasses at night at the Lotus Inn