Friday, September 24, 2010

Bizarre occurrence



Driving from our house to my parent’s house, I heard something hit the car. i thought it was debris, didn’t see anything, though it sounded like it bounced off the body of the car.

i asked Mary is she saw anything, she said no.

When we arrived, and got out of the car, Mary noticed it, said, oh, look!!  We both stepped back and said yuk, or wow or ewwww, or something.  My brother opened the hood and poked the grill with a stick to dislodge the bird. He then grabbed hold of the wing and the body and extracted the dead bird from the grill work. Blehhh.

He did have surgical gloves on.  Usually in the OR, he justs puts people to sleep, but I guess those med school surgical rotations paid off after all.  No way I would have touched it.

Of course, he did wave it in my direction before dumping it in the trash.