Thursday, October 08, 2009

The "if its Tuesday, it must be Tiananmen Square tour".

There was an old movie I think, about touring Europe, called 'If its Tuesday, it must be Belgium".

My parents used to take such tours, aka the 14 day total Europe extravaganza. If the itinerary says you will see the Eiffel tower, for example, you will see it in the distance from the tour bus window. If it says you will visit a cheese farm in Parma, then you will be getting off the bus and mingling with the lovely farm smells. They also have 'squat' toilets in Italy, much more primitive and no one washes down the area after each use.
Note the Pine Valley sign. I guess All my Children is popular in China too. Riiight.

Beijing, September 2006

Airport images, I always take photos of signage etc in foreign airports.
straight from the airport, we were taken to a restaurant, no time for a pit stop at the hotel.
Peking duck for dinner, first experience with the lovely and ever present squat toilet (no photo of said toilet in this post), and finally , finally, the hotel!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vintage scenes from China, circa 1994

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These pictures are from slides that my Dad took during a cruise/trip to China and Hong Kong. I don't know all the cities they visited, but of course, Beijing, with all the normal highlights, T Square, Forbidden City, etc.

What I like are the photos of the people. I look at the faces and wonder...

you know what I wonder, when I see more than a passing resemblance to our daughter.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from their trip. It as a Pacific Princess cruise, however, who keeps the itinerary from 1994.
*all photos copyrighted, exclusive property of the photographer, T T.