Thursday, February 11, 2010

Experimenting with the new camera

Panasonic Lumix, so far, producing great quality photos. My model was fairly cooperative today, due to lots of promised bribes (gum, cookies, fave videos, etc). The Cinderella dress was itchy, so we almost had a meltdown for a moment there!

Snowmageddon, part deux

We survived two days of being indoors, non-stop, save for a few 'sled runs' yesterday. It was too nasty to stay outside long.

Today, we did a small, lopsided snowman, and Mary 'planted flowers' (aka her small beach shovels and tools) in the snow banks. Photos from Thursday's snowy day to be uploaded later.
Snow is too high to sled on. The top 12 inches or so are powder and then the base is solid.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A portrait

The top drawing was done in January, 2010, as part of the pre K Kindergarten readiness eval.
The drawing below was done in September, 2009.

The top drawing could be a self portrait, not sure, but I love the little heart for the mouth!