Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New lyrics for Happy Birthday to You...

Driving back tonight in the car, Mary was singing Happy Birthday, to noone in particular, at first.

since it was just her birthday, she decided to sing the song to me.

It went something like this:

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to Mommy and Daddy,

I love you like strawberries!

* another version, addressed to my Dad instead of us, was "...I love you like a strawberry...

Incidentally, strawberries are very high on Mary's list of yummy foods, so its a supreme compliment!

Third anniversary of Gotcha Day was Sept 5!

And today, our happy girl is 4 years old!

Sponge Bob Gateau

I started this cake Monday night around 10:30, was ready to add the eggs to the Betty cake mix when I discovered I only had 3 eggs. I needed 2 egg whites and 3 eggs, for the dome cake ...

I had never used the pan before. So, quick trip to the quicky mart, and then I put cake in oven & find out that it take 50 to 60 mins to bake , in the dome pan.

So, the icing and decorating was done the next day (Tuesday, ) and took about 2 hours, maybe not quite. Mary was a very good assistant, ate many many blue sugar crystals.She was, as she proclaimed, eating up all the profits. I say that line to her periodically, it's something I heard Jacques Pepin say to his daughter , when she was tasting his gourmet cooking a bit too much.

Funny that Mary remembered that line, and used it in the correct context too!

anyway, a few photos of sponge bob and Bikini Bottom as interpreted by Mary and me!