Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sponge Bob Gateau

I started this cake Monday night around 10:30, was ready to add the eggs to the Betty cake mix when I discovered I only had 3 eggs. I needed 2 egg whites and 3 eggs, for the dome cake ...

I had never used the pan before. So, quick trip to the quicky mart, and then I put cake in oven & find out that it take 50 to 60 mins to bake , in the dome pan.

So, the icing and decorating was done the next day (Tuesday, ) and took about 2 hours, maybe not quite. Mary was a very good assistant, ate many many blue sugar crystals.She was, as she proclaimed, eating up all the profits. I say that line to her periodically, it's something I heard Jacques Pepin say to his daughter , when she was tasting his gourmet cooking a bit too much.

Funny that Mary remembered that line, and used it in the correct context too!

anyway, a few photos of sponge bob and Bikini Bottom as interpreted by Mary and me!

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Monique said...

Happy Birthday Mary Cake! Hey Mom, I'm impressed with the Sponge Bob creation ;-) Now you are putting the pressure on me for the next birthday cake and I can't bake to save my life. Maybe you'll come over and make one for Sebastian next year? See you on Saturday!


Aunt Mo