Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mary 'meets' Norman Rockwell at the mall.

The usually fearless Mary was inexplicably terrified of the 3D versions of the Rockwell magazine cover paintings.

Cool exhibit anyway, and then , on to Coldstone for pre lunch ice cream!
The last photo is an example of unsupervised lipstick application. Kind of a punk zombie princess look. a Betsey Johnson revival period.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mary's Daddy sure knows how to work a church raffle

Rock star, or at least she keeps announcing that she IS a rock star... oh boy, are we in for it!

On All Souls Day, there was a raffle etc being held in the church hall, after mass, etc.

B. purchased may tickets and weighted them heavily on the items that a certain 4 year old might like.

The take:

1 girl's bike and bike helmet (she can prob use the bike in a few years, as it's a bit big for her now)

1 el grande cotton candy pink teddy bear, embroidered with the words 'My First Bear'. This is relevant because her main ' I never leave home without him' stuffed friend is also a pink 'My
First Bear'.

1 Hannah Montana sleeping bag and flashlite set.

(Note: I had just gotten her a H.M. guitar , from Goodwill store, for $2.37. See photo. So, it is, it appears, theme week at our house.

Monday, November 02, 2009

More Halloween fun!

Just pictures, as I am going to start project 'don't overpack' for our not too far off trip to diz world.

Gotta be easier than packing for China, unless, of course, you are me! It's the shoes that get me every time. Gotta have choices!

Sunday, November 01, 2009


We finally got the swine flu vaccine for 'Stephanie', pictured above in a test run of her Halloween costume! I went towards the end of the time window for a county health dept event, and only waited an hour, start to finish.