Wednesday, September 16, 2009

June loves pretty things (and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)

June – In contrast to Quincy, six-year-old June loves pretty things and is an organized planner who is also a talented dancer and exercises high vocabulary. This graceful, Asian-American girl may appear as dainty as a flower, but the team turns to her whenever there’s a physical challenge. (ok, so the organized planner part is a work in progress).

To answer the Little Einsteins question - "Where's June?" Probably shopping!

What do you mean you can't take pictures during the house tour?

We had a nice visit with Pearl Buck, at her home on Sunday. Ok, we just saw her home, very cool. Pearl was unavailable at the time of our visit, however : )
I have been 'scolded' by more than one museum docent over the years, shushed by the bailiff during a jury duty selection process, barked at by an airport security guard in Venice, for trying to consolidate my carry on luggage contents so I wouldn't have to check the Venetian mask souvenir (pre September 11 this was, of course), and told not to take video inside the church on the island of Torcello (did take hip shots anyway), so not a big deal. I must be slipping , though, only took a few photos before getting yelled at ! LOL.
addendum: I am reminded by my bff (see comment) that we have also been 'shushed' on more than one occasion in various area movie theaters!
Hi, my name is June, I love to dance, and it's been 180 days since I talked and giggled in a movie theater...
Group response: Hiiii, June !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High decibel level

Another Chuck E Cheese birthday party has come and gone. There were 4 parties going on almost simultaneously that day, much more chaos than the previous year. But the kids had a good time, so mission accomplished.