Friday, April 10, 2009

E. Bunny revisited

Friday fashion fotos and fotos with the Ether Bunny

Mary and the "Ether" Bunny (as my fav anesthesiologist and brother calls him when speaking to his younger patients). Bad dr. jokes, hee hee.

At a local restaurant, the bunny suited dude was there, and they had a craft table where kids could make Easter themed bookmarks or decorate Easter baskets.
After running up to the bunny many times, Mary declared, "he's not a real bunny, he goes back and takes off his head", (gestured to indicate this). Ha, well that didnt take long. Maybe it was because she heard him talking to another customer, whom he seemed to know. Also, she noticed said bunny was wearing sneakers... i said it was becasue he was a 'city' bunny.The big center seam and obvious zipper up the back of costume was , I am sure, noticed. But she had a good time, fake bunny and all!

Friday crazy fashion stuff

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The third dress, a few more parting shots...

Trying on possible Easter Sunday dresses, with a difficult model

We managed to try on 3 dresses, somehow, amidst silly, mini pout, passive aggressive and borderline tantrum modes...

A spontaneous dinner out with the maternal grandparents

Our little waitress will ask you "what you like to order?", and then say, I don't have that, I have strawberry shortcake.

Salmon with a 'sauce veronique', excellent, supposedly a light cream sauce, but it was so much more, almonds, halved red grapes, some kind of citrus-y thing going on , yum!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Looks like some sort of Wrinkle in Time/Stepford doll town

Going somewhere, Mademoiselle ?
Mary took this photo, in which I look like I have 'man hands' . Yes, it's a seinfeld ref.

NO, the chardonnay wasn't kickin in when I was creating 'architecture' with Mary and the residents of Mrs. Goodbee-Ville.