Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess du jour

future kid blogger of the year
hey, ariel and eric, I bet there is a support group for inter-species couples...

is this some kind of statue of liberty tribute? who knows?

Scene: Disney store
Post Christmas sale
Event: I purchased the one and only remaining Mulan costume, for a fraction of the retail price ($54.00). Sale price was $12.00
And, it just happened to be the correct size.

Our current princesses in residence are:

Cindy (bff)
Narcolepsia (aka S.B.)
Snow White
Jasmine (TSA always does a body scan on Aladdin before he gets on a flight, even magic carpets could be used as weapons of destruction. ) Not in my backyard, not on my airplane. Say yes to profiling!!!
(end of public service announcement for the day)...