Sunday, January 10, 2010

Princess du jour

future kid blogger of the year
hey, ariel and eric, I bet there is a support group for inter-species couples...

is this some kind of statue of liberty tribute? who knows?

Scene: Disney store
Post Christmas sale
Event: I purchased the one and only remaining Mulan costume, for a fraction of the retail price ($54.00). Sale price was $12.00
And, it just happened to be the correct size.

Our current princesses in residence are:

Cindy (bff)
Narcolepsia (aka S.B.)
Snow White
Jasmine (TSA always does a body scan on Aladdin before he gets on a flight, even magic carpets could be used as weapons of destruction. ) Not in my backyard, not on my airplane. Say yes to profiling!!!
(end of public service announcement for the day)...

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Monique said...

Mary's Mommy is quite the story teller...inter species support group...LOL! Love it! Ava is slowly transforming into the Princess role. First it was Xmas day and then her birthday. Pics will be posted soon.

Love, Aunt Mo Mo