Monday, August 20, 2007

Playdate got rained out, what to do? Take the girls to the Mall !

Mary and Claudia ham it up at the mall, and hold hands when they stroll the halls !

We got so many "Awwww how cute" looks and comments !

We had brief conversations with two adoptive families who happened to be at the mall!
Very nice, even the Mom who rushed over and exclaimed "oh, they are adopted! Here's mine, all grown up!And she motioned to her lovely KA (Korean American daughter). And this lovely maybe 20 something year old came over smiling, happy and not at all embarassed that her gregarious Mom had run over to us to comment! It was so quick and good natured in tone that we were laughing, not bothered in the least ! And that woman's daughter was just great !! Good sign for those who worry about how their daughters will adjust and accept the fact of their having been adopted. After all, it was just one day in their lives! : )