Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mary's Daddy sure knows how to work a church raffle

Rock star, or at least she keeps announcing that she IS a rock star... oh boy, are we in for it!

On All Souls Day, there was a raffle etc being held in the church hall, after mass, etc.

B. purchased may tickets and weighted them heavily on the items that a certain 4 year old might like.

The take:

1 girl's bike and bike helmet (she can prob use the bike in a few years, as it's a bit big for her now)

1 el grande cotton candy pink teddy bear, embroidered with the words 'My First Bear'. This is relevant because her main ' I never leave home without him' stuffed friend is also a pink 'My
First Bear'.

1 Hannah Montana sleeping bag and flashlite set.

(Note: I had just gotten her a H.M. guitar , from Goodwill store, for $2.37. See photo. So, it is, it appears, theme week at our house.

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