Monday, March 15, 2010

Mary and her mini-me, Ling

This doll is Ling, a Karito Kids doll that Santa brought. Ling received very little attention from Mary until this week. Mary said, no , her name is Ashley (A is Mary's imaginery friend).
Anyway, Ling or Ashley has been seated at the dining room table for about a week, and when I pass her chair quickly, I almost think a real kid is sitting there. Kind of spooked me the first few times.
They both had orange shirts on today, not planned, so ... photo op...

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Monique said...

Love the Ling story. That's funny, Ava had a "mini me" moment this morning too! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. You're right, my head is spinning right now. We will be down in MD this weekend. What are you doing on Monday? I may be in your neck of the woods ;-) I'll give you a call from work on Thursday!