Thursday, December 03, 2009

Future stars of Twilight series

See the last photo for the latest in thanksgiving vampire chic!
Took M to a funky kid oriented hair salon. Kitschy, just my style! She loved it and got a complimentary mini manicure too,
Dancing with her cousin on thanksgiving day. Note the reusable hair extension, courtesy of the bibbity boutique. It fell out after just one dance. I didn't secure it nearly as well as the Fairy Godmother did.

Note the crazy red eyes of the pre schoolers, all except for my girl. I am so glad I told her to wear shorts under her dress. You can see why, as she chose to lift up the dress, during one of the Thanksgiving theme songs. Not sure why, and the shorts don't match, but at least they covered up the tights.

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Monique said...

June, your story telling is classic! So is Mary's skirt lifting performance. Love it!!

Aunt Mo