Monday, November 23, 2009

Just returned from the Money Pit, aka Disney World

A certain four year old proclaimed that she wanted to stay in Disney World a million more days!

To which I said, "You better get a job!" I think we could have traveled to Europe and seen some of the actual, full size landmarks, instead of the pseudo Epcot versions, for the $$$ expended.

The mini St. Mark's Square just doesn't cut it for me, Disney doesn't have enough magic to pull that off.

Anyway, we had a great time, 2 princess meals, a lunch and a dinner, a chef Mickey experience,

a yachtsmen steakhouse culinary treat, a morrocan meal and an american 'dining' experience at the whispering canyon cafe, kind of a 'hoot n holler' venue.
The hotel, the Wilderness Lodge had ambience to spare! I did notice that the vacation club (time share) reps were not at all busy, and that attendence was way down in the various disney parks. There were almost no lines. we didn't need to use the fastpass at all.

took 100s of photos, we were packing 2 digi cams and a digi video cam.

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