Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Time, once again

I managed to find the fall/Halloween decorations, as Mary suggested or demanded a few days ago, we need to put some Halloween decorations in front of the house, like the other houses! Whoops, guess I get a 'needs improvement' in the school spirit department!

On another note, Mary can spell pizza, Disney and Macy's. Needs a bit of prompting on the first 2, but Macy's she can spell with no problem whatsoever (it's just one letter different than her name, she pointed out).

Also, in Macy's today, she was re-arranging the Hello Kitty merchandise so that all the like shirts were on the same 'T' bar of the display. Same for the HK skirts, pants etc. Kind of a math exercise I guess, sorting,,, that's my little Virgo, always organizing! Now if she can just do that with her little pet shop stuff...

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