Friday, August 29, 2008

Little children really do hear and absorb everything

Just after bath, tooth brushing, and the few night time rituals that we do with Mary, we said her night time prayers with her. This usually consists of Dear God, Please bless ... folowed by a list of our family members. I usually finish the list with "... and bless all the little children, especially those in China."

Well, tonight, before I could say that phrase, Mary herself said, "...and bless all my friends in China"!

How amazing and great is that. We had not been discussing anything about China recently, although sometimes we show our pictures and our video of our journey to Mary, or point out the country on the map. We have not looked at these images for at least a month or more. I just think that is a really wonderful sentiment from the mind of a not quite 3 year old.

So I echo Mary's statement, and would like to include among those friends the grocery store worker who found our baby girl , picked her up and brought her to the police station, and to the Half the Sky nannies at the 'social welfare institute' (aka orphanage) who cared for her for the 1st year of her life.

I don't usually get all sentimental on this blog, but Sarah and little Trig Palin have touched a lot of emotional chords today!

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