Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Definitely Tricky trying to get this 2 year old to wear her Halloween costume

No amount of bribery or trickery could make Mary put on her fairy princess/ballerina dress. I tryed several times today to just get her to try in on , for a photo shooot.

So she wore her Shrek nightgown, which I had embellished with a lavendar ribbon down the back of the dress! It even took diplomacy to get her to wear the Shrek dress, but not nearly as much as for the ballerina dress.

so here are photos of Raggedy Ann wearing Mary's Halloween costume. She was at first not thrilled that R. Ann was wearing her dress. But then, she posed for pictures with R.A.

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won a young (aka smile) said...

Somehow found your website after searching for more Shrek older girl has that same one =)