Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another taxpayer is on record, finally!

Finally Finally Finally we have a social security number for Miss M. I think they change the requirements (at the Norristown office) for each person that walks in seeking a number for an internationally adopted child. I heard the woman tell a person in line ahead of me (same situ.) that she needed a US birth cert, and other stuff. I was prepared with a print out of the necessary identity documents, from the SS website, and she still gave me a hard time at first, said why don't you have a US Birth cert for her. I said I have been trying to get one,mailed in the forms etc. last week.

I think because I had the baptismal certif. and the certif of citizenship, she submitted the request online. The only doc. I didn't have before was the baptismal cert. and a copy of the registration of the adopt... with the montgo county courthouse.

Someone else I know just went to the Norrist. office with cert. of citizenship, chinese documents, and the request was submitted.

anyway , that was a huge step, getting the ss #.

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