Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 and more car issues !

Mary puts a spell on Minnie M.

On the road again for Thanksgiving. We were treated to two turkey dinners!!

The very next day, my car decided to have another stroke. Fortunately, I was at the Gateway Shp Center, having just made a purchase at the liquor store. Also fortunately, Dad was in the car with Mary and me, so he sat with her while I went in to buy wine.

When we tried to start the car, nothing... So 45 minutes to an hour later, the AllState ins. road side assistance guy arrived. He couldn't jump start the car, and said it could be the alternator, not the battery. So, he towed the car to my parents house, and we rode in the tow truck. Mary was in her car seat in the skinny back seat of the tow truck. I thought she would be anxious or cry because of all the noise and the bumpy ride, but she fell asleep during the 10 minute drive to the house. Could not believe it.
When we went in the house, she was all giggles ! I had gone into trader joe's while we waited, and got some snacks and a drink for her, as we didn't expect a 15 minute wine run to last 1.5 hrs. The whole thing didn't faze her.

Today, however, she was bit off her game, crying a lot, especially at bedtime, which she usually doesn't do, and not eating quite as much (which is probably the normal amount a 14 month old eats)!
I noticed at dinner that there is a third tooth on top, just peeking through, so hopefully its just teething.

and now , the photos!

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