Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, we're off!

Here is the scoop on our accomodations. The White Swan was a no go, but these hotels are supposed to be 4 star,,, they have pools and jacuzzis and nail salons etc. so cant be all bad !!!!!!!!!!!

in answer to next ?, Bruce will be holding Mary while my nails dry !
Don't get hysterical laughing, I am sure there will not be time for spa treatments, etc !!!

Hunan Group

HENAN HOTEL Phone – 011-86-10-6775-1188
Fax - 011-86-10-6774-5644
HUATIAN HOTEL Phone - 011-86-731-444-2888
Fax 011-86-731-444-2270
WHITE CLOUD HOTEL Phone - 011-86-20-8333-3998
(BAI YUN HOTEL) Fax - 011-86-20-8333-6498

we are set to return on Sept 15th (late at night)!

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Aunt Mo Mo said...

Dear June, Bruce and Mary,

you must be in my thoughts because I was dreaming about you this past weekend! You were the topic of our dinner coversations also. We were wondering if you had a safe journey over to China and thought about the first time you would hold Mary in your arms. My Mom and Dad asked a lot of questions about you as well. We can't wait for the big day when we officially get to meet Mary in Lansdale! I hate it that we are literally world's away. I was hoping there were pics on Lavida but that was too ambitious of me!! Anyway, gotta go back to the humdrum of work. My eyes and peeled open!!


Aunt Mo Mo