Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cape May Redux

We stayed at this bed and breakfast in cape may in 2005, for what we thought would be our last vacation as a party of two.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and lots of red tape (no pun intended) from the US and Chinese government agencies, we booked a stay there again this year

Stayed in the turret suite, lots of wine, great weather, enough shopping (but never too much) and great food. We will have to choose a different b and b, if we migrate to cape may again, because... no kids allowed.
there are many b.b's that do accept les enfants, so no worries!

Disney flashback, circa 2004

at a retail emporium in the Magic Kingdom, shortly after I fell off the curb near the entrance. Yes , someone came over and brought me a wheel chair, for a bruised knee !

and me without my ball gown !

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Jennifer said...

Are you cosmicthing from the Rumor Queen's site? I saw that you had a small PA agency that says nothing and was wondering if we have the same agency?

Sorry to post this way, I was just curious. You can email me at lucky73913@hotmail.com