Sunday, November 27, 2005

Let the Shopping Begin !!!!!!!!!

As the wait continues (like sands through the hourglass, blah blah blah),
Veni Vidi Visa ( I came, I saw, I shopped) !
Ok, kids, here is the theme, white furniture, pastel colours everywhere,
especially pink and tints of "the color purple". Today is "tv and movie plagiarism day".
Also, in church today, the priest was speaking about the first Sunday of Advent, and he also said the phrase "the color purple" but in reference to vestments and definitely not nursery decor !
When Bruce reads this, he will just shake his head at my crazy adult ADD and semi sacrilegious ramblings! But, although there are not too many sure things in life, one is that I bet he is used to this by now !
So the room idea and the bedding etc below strikes my fancy, and , as they say in Pensacola, Scott, I am just gonna 'git er done". I could hem and haw and research 100's of possibilities, but that is NOT how I shop.
I got or learned this trait from Dad, just make a decision !there are a 1000 possible choices or answers, just give them an answer !
Go, Dad, thanks for that sage advice !!!
No waffle-ing and definitely no FLIP FLOPPING ! This is also an official NO Flip Flop Zone, Mr. Kerry !
end of politico statement, now a few photos from Thanksgiving, which I will add to my next post

River Of Dreams
By Billy Joel

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