Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Many Years ago on Oahu...

North shore, Oahu,Hawaii

Kathy, remember we went there for almost 3 weeks, since we had a free place to stay. Then Lt. Commander Scott let us stay in his apartment which had a captivating view of a golf course and Pearl Harbor Memorial in the distance.

Many times over the past decade, we have both thought, "Why didn't we visit Maui on that trip. We could have flown over to that island and stayed over nite for $100 or so, a mere pittance now, seemed like too much, then, as we neared the end of our stay, i guess our $$$ were dwindling!

I think neither of us have been back to Hawaii since! That is Kathy in the long blue skirt, left side of photo.

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Anonymous said...

As the host of these two women, I am compelled to comment that they astounded me with their astronomical consumption of toilet paper during their stay. They went through a 6-pack in less than 3 days! That would last a guy for over a month. They used more than a roll a day. Where it went or what they did with it remains a mystery to this day.

The photo you should post is the one of the scowling woman standing outside the Hale Pe'a. Kamaainas know why this is so funny.