Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally, a voice of reason

One night in a restaurant whose name escapes us. One of our local haunts whose identity we cannot determine from the plant in background or the fabric of the banquette seating.

As I add to the blog, Bruce is on the other computer (yes we each have one, his doing, so I wouldn't mess up his organized 'desktop' and file system) practicing his Chinese language lesson. Listening to the pronounciation as dictated from somewhere in the computer ! Oi vei, c'est tres difficile, hear me now and believe me later, I can teach our daughter French, but will have to rely on the local FCC group for teaching her her native language!

September 9, 2005
The end of an evening dinner party at the William Penn Inn.
Bruce, possibly channeling Augustus Caesar . Fitting, since he can name nearly all of the caesers without faltering!

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